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One Room Challenge Fall 2020 - My DIY Tufted Headboard, Revamped!

Last fall I joined the One Room Challenge and finally finished my master bedroom. One of the pretties upgrades I made was re-covering and re-painting my headboard. It was pretty boring before (here's the post from when we built it and covered it the first time) and I wanted a more glamorous (leaning towards gaudy) look.


Here it was before. Cute but safe. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it.

We took it apart and I worked on the inside padded part in our bedroom (it's heavy and we didn't want to haul it down and up the stairs). The yellow vintage quilt I'd originally covered it with was definitely wearing out so I was okay with thanking it and sending it on it's way.

The frame was taken outside for painting. We started with a couple of coats of gold spray paint.

Unfortunately I have never found a spray paint brand that has the right shade of gold so we went over it with Craft Smart bright gold acrylic paint. It takes a couple of coats but it is so worth the extra work.


Inside I laid the fabric (I used Bari Ackerman's Cinese Mystery from Art Gallery Fabrics) in place and ironed it just to get a good, smooth start. When I was shopping for this fabric I couldn't find any in the 45" width and I was starting to panic. Then I realized I could just get the 54" wide rayon and I wouldn't have to piece it together (which would require matching the design), PLUS it's softer than the cotton which is perfect for a headboard.

I kept the buttons from before because the color worked with the new fabric too. The tufting was pretty quick because I'd worked out the bugs the last time and now I'm pretty efficient at it.

This is the bottom after getting the tufting done. I used washers again to tie the thread because they will lie nice and flat.

I also reused the piping because it was already cut to the right length. I just removed the yellow fabric (which I always hated actually!) and covered it with the main fabric (but this time I used the cotton 45" fabric because I had enough for piping and it's easier to work with on the bias).

Once I sewed the bias fabric strips on the piping I simply hot glued it in place, hiding the raw edge in the back, and the result was perfect.

Just what I wanted! This is one of my absolute favorite fabrics ever and it needed a grand purpose in my room. Voila!

It didn't take long for my kitties to find their place in this glamorous suite. They are definitely aristocats.

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